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A new and improved version of our Monthly Research Digest

In January 2019, with support from Cambridge Assessment, the Centre launched a new and improved version of the Monthly Digest we've been producing for some time now - to add value for our existing subscribers and broaden the publication’s purview and reach.
Following the success of CfEE’s 2018 Annual Research Digest, focusing for the first time on the developing world, Lee Crawfurd, CfEE Fellow and Strategic Advisor at the Rwanda Ministry of Education and the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, has taken on the role of Deputy Editor, with a view to beefing up the section on research from low- and middle-income economies. Lee joins Gabriel Heller-Sahlgren, CfEE’s Lead Economist and Editor of the publication.
This means that, in addition to abstracts and links to working and published versions of research papers, there are now two editorial commentaries: one covering research from the developed world and one covering research from low- and middle-income countries. The commentaries combine critical analysis of ground-breaking, policy-relevant research, with insights and perspectives on the existing evidence base. Finally, a new middle section, for the benefit in particular of those unfamiliar with the field, discusses and explains a key theme in the literature. To conclude, we offer recommended further reading.
The Monthly Research Digest is intended to give interested parties a direct view of what the rigorous economic research suggests works in education, both from a macro-policy perspective as well as from the point of view of teachers and head teachers who are looking for more effective classroom strategies. Through the Digest, we disseminate global research output to improve stakeholders’ understanding of what is and what isn’t impactful, highlighting for wider attention papers of particular importance.
In the podcast below, James Croft discusses the new Monthly Digest with Editor, Gabriel Heller-Sahlgren:
You can view Volume 1, Issues 1, 2 and 3 (2019) of the new Monthly Research Digest in flipbook version, or download as a pdf file from the Monthly Research Digest page. Back issues are available in pdf also.
Subscription to receive the Monthly and Annual Digest is free of charge, as part of CfEE’s public benefit offering. If you don't already, you can sign up here to get email notifications of the release of the digests, with links to download included. Don’t miss out on the unique and insightful perspective on the education reform debate they provide.

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