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School choice for the disadvantaged

Vouchers in school reform programmes in the United States have made little headway over the years - mainly due to opposition from powerful teachers' unions. Professor Paul E. Peterson reminded us in this week's Friedman lecture that it wasn’t Milton Friedman who first championed school vouchers , it was our own J.S.

Pathways towards a properly functioning market in qualifications

A recent collection of essays published by the Centre set out, among other aims, to draw salient factors from the mix of those which may relate to England and Wales’ long-term upward trend in 14-19 exam grades.

What Makes an Effective Teacher?

The debate about traditional versus progressive education largely concerns the proper role of teachers in the classroom. With the rise of child-centred teaching methods, teachers have often taken a back seat in the classroom, allowing children to work more by themselves or in groups.

Low-cost private schooling in the developing world context: new evidence

In the past decades, there has been a significant increase in the share of pupils attending private schools throughout the developing world. Many of these schools are profit-making, in stark contrast to the private schools that exist in most developed countries.

Make the Rich Pay for University: Changing Patterns of Returns to Schooling

At a time when students, parents and governments are looking with concern at ever increasing levels of student loan debt, the returns to schooling seem to be declining, on average, at least slightly. The value one gets from an education, in terms of future earnings, has been decreasing over time.


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