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Incentives in education

Both of the previous two research commentaries posted to this site comment on recently published papers analysing the effects of various forms of incentives in education.

Do Financial Incentives Crowd Out Intrinsic Motivation to Perform on Standardised Tests?

By: John A. List, Jeffrey A. Livingston, and Susanne Neckermann

Economics of Education Review (October 2018)

Published version

Testing, testing: the 123's of testing

By: Annika B. Bergbauer, Eric A. Hanushek, and Ludger Woessmann

RISE Working Paper (October 2018)

Commentary by Lee Crawfurd

Rise and Shine: The Effect of School Start Times on Academic Performance from Childhood through Puberty

Research suggests that sleep affects pupil learning, as it spurs memory formation and consolidation as well as improves attention and alertness. While pupils’ sleeping patterns are affected by many factors that have little to do with education policy, they are likely to be directly related to one factor entirely determined by such policy: school start time.


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