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Optimising autonomy: a blueprint for education reform

The English school system has ostensibly been moving in the direction of greater autonomy over several decades, but having been apparently taken to a new level in 2010 with the introduction of free schools and broader offer of academy status, doubts have begun to emerge as to whether these most recent reforms have made any real difference to student outcomes.

Who’s to produce and who’s to choose? Assessing the future of the qualifications and assessment market

The question how should the qualifications of students be assessed is one of the most defining and important aspects of any education system. England, Wales, and Northern Ireland have a unique system of qualifications and assessment distinguished by choice and diversity.

Taking a lead: how to access the leadership premium

As plans for whole system structural reform have developed, much of the government’s education reform strategy has come to turn on its being able to capitalise a leadership premium.

Steps forward, steps backward: what to make of the government’s plans for higher education market reform

There has never been a period when higher education has faced so much turbulence and change as it is now, nor one for which both the sector and government are so ill-prepared.

CMRE Annual research digest 2015

Evidence-based policy has become somewhat of a catchphrase in politics – everybody is for it and nobody is against it. But there is evidence and there is evidence. For long, education policy has unfortunately been guided by research of poor quality, which in turn has contributed to confusion regarding what works and what does not work to generate higher pupil outcomes.