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CfEE privacy notice May 2018

CfEE’s guiding privacy principles

Centre for Education Economics ('CfEE') is committed to upholding your privacy and fully compliant with GDPR requirements. According to the GDPR, CfEE’s purposes give it a legitimate interest in holding and processing data about interested parties in a way that they would reasonably expect.

The Centre for Education Economics (CfEE) is an independent and non-political think tank working to improve policy and practice in education through impartial economic research. It exists for the study of education reform – to undertake, gather, and communicate research to inform policymaking and practice at all levels of education. We do this by applying the disciplines of economic research and analysis to priority issues in education, and presenting the findings for discussion among stakeholders and the public.

We collect, process or use your personal data only in ways that are consistent with this purpose – to keep you informed of our publications, events, and media coverage of our work.

Read our full Privacy and Data Security Notice.