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Consultancy services

Alongside of its own research, CfEE offers an impact consultancy for researchers and research organisations in the field. Services include:

  • re-versioning research for non-specialists;
  • PR and media; and
  • strategically targeted events.

Clients can also access these services in a specially packaged offer, as detailed below.

CfEE’s impact package

The impact package consists essentially of three elements:

  1. re-versioning the original research report as a ‘Research Brief’ for wider readership;
  2. media promotion;
  3. a roundtable event, for policy-makers and influencers; and
  4. preparation and circulation of event notes for the record to key policy influencers;
  5. an event blog post to support ongoing engagement.

CfEE Research Briefs aim to make complex economic research papers transparent and accessible and to highlight their relevance for policy.  

It is our expectation that proposed papers should utilise high quality peer-reviewed research. Methodological clarity is a key priority. Relevance for policy is an important factor, though may not be explicit.

Once accepted, paper is re-versioned to make it more transparent and readable, in order to produce a short-format briefing highlighting policy-relevant outcomes and recommendations.

Re-versioning is about taking the original research paper and styling it appropriately for a wider stakeholder readership. This entails a reduction in the word count, use of less technical language, and appropriate explanatory notes as befits the target readership. The re-versioning is undertaken by our Lead economist or one of our fellows or associates. During the process, queries are raised as necessary. A draft copy is sent to the author for further input ahead of sign off. Publication is in the name of the author of the original paper.

The briefing is released to our list of subscribers in government, regulatory bodies, national organisations, across private/public and third sector policymakers and stakeholders and promoted through our social media channels. Our media lead, plans and manages media campaigns around the launch of new briefings, reports, and initiatives.

A roundtable is held on the subject under Chatham House rules, with proceedings confidentially circulated to our list of key policy-influencers. Roundtable events take place at a variety of venues in Westminster, across London, and elsewhere. An event blog is posted on the website to support ongoing engagement.