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Game, set and match: new evidence from the Swedish voucher reform

I am now accustomed to the fact that British journalists resort to extensive confirmation bias when arguing that free schools – especially for-profit ones – are driving down education standards in Sweden. The evidence does not support their case.

A single exam board might seem a tidy solution, but further rationalisation of exams provision should be avoided

As part of its on-going enquiry into the administration of 15-19 examinations in England, the Education Select Committee took evidence in January on the strengths and weaknesses of the English system and how it compares with other countries.

The case for bona fide profit-making schools

Yesterday, in a panel discussion at Policy Exchange – coinciding with their release of a report advocating ‘social enterprise’ schools, which would be forced to reinvest 50% of surplus –

Swedish free schools – segregation and division?

Swedish for-profit free schools have been accused of contributing to the increasing segregation of Swedish society. Critics of the policy approach the question of segregation – or more broadly disparity of educational experience and outcome – in two distinctly different ways.

Assessing the free-school effect at a system wide level

Evaluation of system-wide impact of choice and competition on educational outcomes is a difficult task.


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