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Are test score outcomes sufficient for understanding charter school impact?

Charter schools are a controversial topic in America. Since their start in 1992, they now serve about 2 million pupils with the number of schools totalling more than 6,000 in 40 states. But do they work? Research thus far has focused heavily on test scores, although some have also evaluated the effects on graduation rates and college attendance.

Progressive teaching -> regressive learning?

In the last couple of years, Michael Gove has urged teachers to stop using new practices in the classrooms and return to more traditional, academic teaching methods. In this respect, he is going against the tide. In many countries, the idea of progressive teaching methods has gained traction among policymakers, who have begun to introduce them en masse.

Transforming incentives will unleash the power of entrepreneurship in the education sector

For entrepreneurs to succeed, they need space to innovate that is sufficiently free of regulatory constraints, buyers who are receptive to their breakthroughs and uninhibited in their procurement decision-making and a competitive market environment in which efficacy and efficiency are the overriding priorities.


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